Frequently Asked Questions

1What is the main core business of VON Blockchain Group?

The main core business of Von Blockchain Group is mining and building a complete cryptocurrency blockchain ecosystem. VON Blockchain Group is the first Asia company specialized in building a blockchain ecosystem, integrating its own large-scale mining sites, connecting one-stop blockchain technology, educational research centre, encrypted digital asset exchanges and blockchains electronic wallet.

2What is the main mission for VON Blockchain Group?

The mission of VON Blockchain Group is to help more people recognize and understand a blockchain, explore opportunities for blockchain implementation and industry development, as well as to build a strong blockchain ecosystem together.

3How many mining machines does VON Blockchain Group owns?

We currently have 1,500 units of mining machines in our factory. We have plans to expand our mining farm to 30,000 mining machines by the end of 2019 placed at other facilities.

4How many Bitcoins can VON Blockchain Group produce in a month?

Estimated 30 Bitcoins per month.

5Who is the founder of the company?

Dr. Jonathan Lin is the founder of VON Blockchain Group.

6What is the company’s future plan?

To build a USD 10 billion Blockchain Group within 3 years.

7What are the company’s projects?

4 major projects – VON Mining, VON Education & Research Centre, JONVI Exchange, JONVI Crypto E-wallet

8What is the advantage or value of JE Tokens?

JE Token is cryptocurrency that generated by Ethereum ERC20 technology which can be utilize in the four major projects of VON Blockchain Group. Relying on strong blockchain technology, there will be more exchange circulated in coming year and this will help encourage users on using JE Tokens, it will then once again increase the value of JE Tokens.

9What assurances can your company provide in any cases of theft, machine breakdown or fire?

In the case of theft, we have armed security personnel on 24 hours standby and we also have a professional technical team on 24 hours standby to handle any machine downtime or breakdown. In the event of a fire happening, our company also owns mining facilities located at different sites which will ensure the continuous operation of our mining program.

10Does VON Blockchain Group provides any related courses?

VON Education Research Center provides UK & US's top blockchain course certifications, allowing entrepreneurs to learn from basic level, obtain a professional diploma and become an authoritative blockchain expert.

11What are the cryptocurrencies that currently supports by JONVI Exchange?

JONVI Cryptocurrency Exchange currently supports JE Token, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, USDT etc.

12Where is the Headquarter of JONVI Exchange?

JONVI Exchange located in Singapore with a team of professional personnel that able to serve customers globally.

13How do JONVI Exchange ensure the safety of funds?

JONVI Exchange uses bank-level user data encryption, dynamic identity verification and applying multi-layered wallet encryption to protect transaction security.

14Is there any age requirement for purchasing VON’s Subscription Plan?

A person below the age of 18 is not eligible to purchase VON’s Subscription Plan.
(* if you're interested to purchase the subscription plan, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service for assistance.)

15How do I contact Customer Service?

Please add VON CS WeChat ID: Von_Support and VON_Support2

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